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Illustration for article titled Sufjan Stevens is probably releasing another Christmas album

With the success of Sufjan Stevens’ previous Christmas records, today’s rumor that he might be making another one should come as no surprise. Pitchfork clues the world in on Stevens’ Tumblr, Advent Of The Apocalypse, which currently boasts at least two sort-of-Christmas-y gifs: one from the movie Silent Night, Deadly Night and one from Black Christmas.


Each year Stevens records and releases a Christmas record for his friends and family. Some of those have been compiled for release as 2006’s Songs For Christmas and 2008’s slightly less successful Astral Inter Planet Space Captain Christmas Infinity Voyage. While Stevens’ label, Asthmatic Kitty, offered no official confirmation of Pitchfork’s suspicions, indie rapper Kitty Pryde did—maybe. On Sept. 6, she took to Facebook to say, “Just finished my Christmas song for sufjan stevens………………..(:,” which seems telling. Of course, she also announced today that she’s faux-engaged to fellow rapper Danny Brown and has previously claimed on Facebook to only have one leg, so she may not be the most reliable source.

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