Before Whitney Cummings can encroach any further on her territory, Sarah Silverman is said to be at the center of a major bidding war between ABC, Fox, and NBC, all of which are suddenly very, very interested in a single-camera comedy that would star Silverman in a role loosely based on her own life. Some of that excitement may have something to do with the participation of its executive producer Ron Howard, who has adopted the show as his “pet project,” something he hasn’t done since Arrested Development. Of course, it’s doubtful that Howard would similarly narrate Silverman’s story of a woman readjusting to single life after a decade-long live-in relationship (which would presumably contain lots of not-so-subtle references to Jimmy Kimmel, that he could then laugh about while crying on the inside) as that would be weird.

But Deadline says that Howard has already personally attended all pitch meetings, which seems to have helped them score promises of fairly major commitments from ABC and NBC—even though NBC already has a show about relationships starring a sweetly foulmouthed brunette whose comedy is arguably better suited to cable. Hey NBC, haven’t you ever read that fable about the dog with two bones, and also the bones were penises and then the dog farted? (That last sentence sounds funnier when a girl says it.)