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Such sights to show you, Pinhead Baby Yoda has

Over the past year, The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda (sorry, Grogu) has Force-influenced his way into our cold, canon-obsessed hearts. It’s easy to see why—he’s cute, he’s tiny, he’s got those ears, and he makes little adorable cooing sounds all the time. Unfortunately, as his show’s second season has expanded upon, he’s apparently heading into his Terrible Twos, what with that murderous appetite and whatnot.

But because this is both Star Wars and Disney we’re talking about here, we find it hard to believe Baby Yoda’s angst will send him hopelessly careening towards the Dark Side. And yet, as another all-conquering Disney IP asks, “what if?


Yep. That’s a Pinhead Baby Yoda, alright. Created by HEX3D’s Geoff Wicks, this left-field Star Wars/Hellraiser mashup comes to us as a resin statuette (Lament Configuration included) that’s been painstakingly hand-painted, just as the Cenobite Order intended. Good things can only come to those who wait, however; each statuette takes between 16-18 weeks to complete. But hey, what’s “time” in Hell, anyway?

Get one here.

[via CBR]

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