If you haven’t yet succumbed to the summer-jam joy of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”—seriously, who are you, and who hurt you so?—please allow Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to usher you into the ever-swelling ranks of people who love the song despite their best efforts not to with this performance, filmed backstage during Jepsen’s appearance on Late Night. Though the jam session ditches those awesome syncopated strings, it replaces them with a fourth-grade music classroom’s arsenal of toybox instruments, including kazoo, melodica, wood block, and Jepsen herself on triangle, somehow rendering one of the most sweetly charming songs of the last decade even more sweet and charming. At this rate, Jepsen may never escape “Call Me Maybe,” but if she doesn’t, there are far worse one-hit-wonder legacies to have.