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Subway sues CBC over report that its chicken is only half chicken

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Subway, the New School for sandwich artists, has filed a lawsuit against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation over a report that its chicken contains only 50 percent chicken. The suit, filed in Canadian court by Subway Franchise Systems of Canada Ltd., is regarding a February 2017 report on CBC Marketplace. The show took chicken from a Southern Ontario Subway store and had it DNA tested; the investigation found Subway’s oven-roasted chicken patty contains just 50 percent chicken DNA, with the rest composed of a soy filler.

Subway seeks $210 million in damages. The company says in a statement: “Serving high-quality food to our customers is our top priority, and we are committed to seeing that this factually incorrect report is corrected,” according to Nation’s Restaurant News. The CBC has vigorously defended its methodology, even publishing the DNA lab results on its website.


In 2015, the sandwich chain settled a class action lawsuit that alleged its footlong sandwich weren’t actually one foot long.

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