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Suburgatory creator re-imagining My Fair Lady for the digital age

Illustration for article titled emSuburgatory/em creator re-imagining iMy Fair Lady /ifor the digital age

Emily Kapnek’s Suburgatory may be slipping in the ratings, prompting a move to midseason and a shortened 13-episode order, but a new put pilot order suggests the network wants to keep her around. Kapnek's Selfie is based on Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's 1956 musical My Fair Lady (which is in turn based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion), taking the story of a Cockney flower girl trying to pass as high society and turning it into a sitcom about a social networking-obsessed woman who suddenly achieves unwanted fame due to a viral video. In order to repair her image, she seeks mentoring from “a marketing expert at her company.” Presumably this means corporate synergy, romance, and a scene of someone crafting a tweet with another person looking over their shoulder to tell them it doesn’t sound “authentic” enough, so they should use a hashtag that then flashes at the bottom of the screen. Everyone should remain skeptical unless Carly Chaikin shows up as a droll image consultant.


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