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Stuff yourself with a complete list of food items mentioned on Seinfeld

No hugging, no learning, no dieting: For nine seasons and 180 episodes, Seinfeld eschewed not just sentimentality and emotional growth, but also any impulse control in the face of a feast. Food was a major source of comedy on the series, to the point where one could practically build an entire menu from the edible items it mocked, celebrated, and namechecked over the years. Actually, a couple of writers at Flavorwire have basically done just that, compiling a comprehensive catalogue of every candy bar, brand snack, and erotic meat around which Larry David and the rest of the ravenous writers built a plotline. So frequently did this show about nothing become a show about eating that a list of its major culinary topics almost doubles as a complete episode guide. Don’t read it on an empty stomach.


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