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Stuff we missed over the weekend

Here's a wrap-up of the one night a year that mass audiences pretend to care about theater. And here's an appreciation from The A.V. Club's Noel Murray.

The viewer shit fit over the Sopranos finale seems to be trouncing most other news this fine morning. The A.V. Club's Keith Phipps posts his thoughts here; elsewhere, of course, lots of people are pissed. Deadline Hollywood calls the finale "whimpering"; if you agree, why not take a little trip back to the anticipation phase with Ain't It Cool's breathless pre-finale speculation?

Didn't think Disney or Bollywood films could get any more annoying? They've now joined forces. (Reuters)


Looks like Bill Murray's next film will be a kids' film, but it might be a nice break from his recent existentially challenged old guy streak. (Reuters)

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