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Stuff we missed over the weekend

As the Cannes Film Festival got rolling this weekend, director Jane Campion complained that there aren't enough female directors, and indeed, only three of the 22 films in competition this year were directed by women. (Associated Press)

All you copyright infringers out there will surely want to brush up on your legal mumbo-jumbo. Some brilliant folks at Stanford University have edited together countless clips from Disney movies for this less-than-adorable lesson on fair use. (Wired News)

Bringing a little sordid to the morning, Scott Stapp, formerly of Creed, was arrested on assault charges in an apparent domestic-violence incident this weekend at his Florida home. (Associated Press)


Sad news for those who enjoyed the inspirational antics of Edward James Olmos pre-Battlestar Galactica: The LA high school that inspired Stand And Deliver has burned down. (Associated Press)

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