Reports have begun to circulate that an unfinished J.R.R. Tolkien book may be published soon.

The P.R. battle has begun over advertising for the upcoming release of Wristcutters: A Love Story. Suicide-prevention groups: Ads showing people killing themselves are offensive. Filmmakers: The film "may even help prevent suicide."

The soundtrack supervisor for Grey's Anatomy and The OC, who's helped out acts ranging from The Ditty Bops to The Fray, has formed Chop Shop Records, Reuters reports.


It's not so much that Bill Clinton reveals his affinity for TV Land, it's that this Hollywood Reporter quote might make you feel like you're not the only viewer who warrants pity: "As you know, my wife is away, so I'm home alone a lot… I'm particularly grateful to TV Land for giving me something to do at night."

And, because commerce laws require all entertainment outlets to pass the news on, the central Harry Potter cast is intact for the last two movies.