Tour tally neglects Tom Petty: The Hollywood Reporter finds a flaw in Billboard's annual ranking of top-grossing concert tours: It ranks Tom Petty's $30 million-grossing 2006 tour much lower than it should because it didn't have all the data it needed from concert promoters.

Obits: Alice Coltrane, Michael Brecker, Bong Soo Han: A pianist and composer in her own right, Coltrane was also the wife of saxophonist John Coltrane. and LA Times have obits. The New York Times also ran an obits on another jazz musician, saxophonist Michael Brecker, and on Bong Soo Han, an influential martial-arts trainer in the film world.

My Bloody Valentine reunites: NME says that MBV mastermind Kevin Shields talks about a new album in an interview with Magnet. (Via Pop Candy.)


Lost is winding down: The New York Times reports that ABC is trying to figure out how and when to end the show, most likely after two more seasons.