Eric Clapton in Shanghai: Clapton will be the latest of several Western artists who have booked shows in China recently, with varying degrees of success. (Variety).

Jesus is back, in the guise of Mark E. Smith, and he's pissed: The Fall frontman will play the savior on an upcoming episode of the British sitcom Ideal. According to this Uncut posting, the episode will have Jesus plotting to get a drug dealer killed.

Jay-Z has his own car color now:It's called "Jay-Z Blue," says, and Jay and General Motors rolled it out this weekend at the North American International Auto Show.


Dave Matthews on House: DMB fans: If you're worried that the human race's collective memory will recall Dave Matthews only as a pleasant, weed-y blur, here is some trauma to make it stick. Matthews will play the always unenviable role of one of the wisecrackin' doctor's patients in a March episode of House, Variety is reporting. The character is a musical savant who will lose his talent if cured of a condition that makes him have seizures.