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Strikes in the U.K. could delay production on Wonder Woman and Star Wars: Episode VIII

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Some may not realize it, but the act of physically seeing a movie with your eyes is nearly impossible without the image being lighted in some way. A group of British lighting technicians is aware of this god-like power they posses, and they’re holding our ability to see a handful of upcoming blockbuster movies for ransom in hopes of getting a pay increase that’s only four years late. This comes from The Independent, which reports that nine films are currently in danger of being delayed if the lighting technicians in the union can’t come to an agreement with the various studios involved.

The report doesn’t list all of the movies that are at risk, but some of the ones we do know about are a pretty big deal. The Tom Cruise-starring Mummy reboot is one of them, as is Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan’s The Foreigner. The biggest names, though, are the solo Wonder Woman movie and a little thing called Star Wars: Episode VIII, which just started shooting recently. And while Kylo Ren would probably love a movie that is completely devoid of light (so he can’t be seduced into abandoning the dark side), us normals would have some trouble with it.


The union members are set to vote on the most recent offer today, and if they reject it, these productions will be shut down for at least the weekend.

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