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STRFKR launches its own wrestling league in the video for “Never Ever”

STRFKR (Photo: Cara Robbins)

It’s been three years since STRFKR’s last album but that appears to be changing soon. The band’s already announced a tour this fall and, today, The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Never Ever.” The video takes the song’s bouncing backbeat and uses it as a way to marry wrestling and BDSM into one convenient package. STRFKR’s Joshua Hodges says, “I had an experience at a BDSM club that was really freeing. I realized that the appeal is letting go of your mind and stress. You can be super present with the pain, and then the pain isn’t even pain. It’s a gateway to freedom.” That freedom was interpreted by the video’s directors, David Fine and Tyler McPherron. As Fine puts it:

Tyler had been talking about wanting to make something involving pro wrestlers when the band called about doing a video. As we understood it, the song is based on an experience with S&M, so we kind of ran with that, but put it into a different environment. Wrestling. Submission. The bondage of self-enslavement. Shout out to Gold Rush Pro Wrestling for being so down to get weird with us. Thanks STRFKR!

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