Street Fighter V's new "Thailand Temple Hideout" stage. Screenshot: Capcom

Just a few days after its release, Capcom has decided to remove Street Fighter Vā€™s latest downloadable stage from all digital marketplaces after becoming aware of ā€œunintentional religious referencesā€ in its background music. Although Capcom didnā€™t address this discovery directly, the removal came just after players began posting online about the inclusion of Islamic chants in the song. Capcom has since changed the stageā€™s soundtrack for players who already bought it and promised to put it back on sale once the levelā€™s music has been rewritten. The stage in question is a remake of the Buddhist-temple-themed Thailand level from Street Fighter II, and its clear Buddhist iconography makes the ā€œunintentionalā€ inclusion of Muslim prayers in its theme song especially troublesome.

Believe it or not, this isnā€™t the first time video game publishers have had to double back and remove Muslim prayers from a soundtrack. Most famously, the very first wave of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time cartridges included similar chanting in the background music for the Fire Temple level. According to Nintendo, the developers borrowed the sample from a sound library without realizing what it was and decided to alter the music for all future releases of the game once they were aware of its origins.


[via Mashable]