Chuck Ragan (left), Rocky Votolato (right)

Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato have had similar career trajectories, each one starting in full-on rock bands (Hot Water Music and Waxwing, respectively) before busting out on their own. While each broke new ground creatively with their solo projects, they couldnā€™t resist the urge to reunite with their older acts, and as both Hot Water Music and Waxwing sprung back to life, their frontmen continued to balance their solo careers with their reunited bands. Itā€™s fitting then that, when the pair decided to release a split EP, they opted to call it Kindred Spirit. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Kindred Spirit in advance of the EPā€™s release on June 2 on Side One Dummy Records. With three songs each, gives listeners a peak at each songwriterā€™s distinct perspective and, in the case of Ragan, bring along some friendsā€”such as Luceroā€™s Ben Nichols, Dave Hause, Jon Snodgrass, and Chad Priceā€”along for the ride.

Pre-orders for Kindred Spirit is available now through Side One Dummy.