Brazilian producer Pazes—one of the artists who justifies the entire existence of the Red Bull Music Academy he graduated from—first caught our attention with 2013’s Sleeping Dolls, an EP full of steamy, late-night techno that evoked crowded nightclubs and darkened jungles equally. For Induced, his full-length debut for Time No Place, Pazes continues in an even starker, shadowy direction, crafting a bewitching album of off-kilter arpeggiated synths, spectral female vocals, and sub-bass groans. Fans of artists like Andy Stott, Rival Consoles, Rainer Veil, Shlohmo, or pretty much anything on the Tri Angle label should find something to like here in Pazes’ haunted house music.

Stream all of Induced below, exclusive to The A.V. Club.