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Dallas Thomas has a thing for birds—or at least you might be led to assume so, given that the Chicago-based guitarist plays in two bands with birdlike names, the veteran post-metal outfit Pelican and his own trio The Swan King. Thomas is relatively new to Pelican’s lineup, but The Swan King has been around since 2009, when Thomas first joined forces with Jamie Drier, former bassist of the post-hardcore powerhouse Planes Mistaken For Stars. There are hints of both Pelican and Planes to The Swan King, but only barely; for the most part, the group’s new album, Last So Long (which is being streamed here in full), is a raw yet nimbly finessed work of aggression that carves out its own bleak territory. From lurching, Midwest math-rock to soaring, NWOBHM riffage, the album, you know, really has wings.

The Swan King is currently finishing a U.S. tour with fellow Chicago band Jar’d Loose; Last So Long is available now via War Crime Recordings.


The Swan King tour 2014
June 5—Strange Matter—Richmond, Virginia
June 6—Sidebar—Baltimore, Maryland
June 7—Howlers—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 8—Burlington—Chicago, Illinois

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