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Stream the new instrumental album from The Notwist’s Markus Archer

Photo by: Johannes Haslinger

Just yesterday, we announced we were looking forward to the release of A Beat Of Silence, the new solo album from The Notwist singer and guitarist Markus Archer. How quickly wishes can sometimes come true. The album isn’t coming out until November 11 on Morr Music (available for pre-order now), but you can stream the whole thing today, exclusively at The A.V. Club.

Those looking for the easy pop-art accessibility of a Notwist album might be a little thrown at first. There are no gentle, inviting vocals from Archer to pull in the listener. But there’s still that warm and evocative soundscape vibe to the proceedings. The record is an expansive, subdued, and ambient affair. A variety of organic instruments, from pianos to vibraphones and beyond, blend with studio electronics and influences like Javanese gamelan music to create mood music for long nights, distant travels, or just an improved day at the office. The artful arrangements and elliptical orchestration make for a singular experience, one that Archer will hopefully continue.


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