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The new Duran Duran album we announced back in June is finally here, and it is hungry like…some kind of animal. In the meantime, though the album isn’t due to be released until Friday, Pitchfork reports the band has made Paper Gods available for streaming today, free of charge. And for a bunch of increasingly laid-back British dudes, the whole thing sounds impressively vital, even as it returns to the sounds that defined the band at the beginning of its career.


The record features new single “Pressure Off” with a guest appearance by Janelle Monáe, along with Nile Rodgers (who produced the group’s 1986 hit Notorious). Other guests on Paper Gods include Mew‘s Jonas Bjerre, Mr. Hudson, former Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, and, for reasons passing understanding save only for the band and producer Mark Ronson, Lindsay Lohan. The accompanying behind-the-scenes video clip suggests that Lohan “killed it,” though her guest vocals suggest that “killing it” required little beyond some minimalist sing-speak. The best guest vocalist may actually be badass electro chanteuse Kiesza, whose contribution to dance-floor number “Last Night In The City” makes for a superbly bombastic track. Listen to ”Pressure Off” below, then stream the whole thing here.

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