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Stream the metallic, industrially polluted debut album from Psalm Zero

There was something bitterly cold about Mounds Of Ash, the 2010 debut by the New York black-metal band Castevet. That coldness has grown savagely inhuman on The Drain, the self-titled debut by Psalm Zero. Formed by Castevet guitarist Andrew Hock—along with former Z’s, Extra Life, and Dirty Projector member Charlie Looker—Psalm Zero fuses the duo’s respective and distinct takes on heavy, passionate, challenging rock. The Drain bleeds cathartic abandon, but it does so at dangerously low temperatures; as heard in the full-album stream below, the disc is skeletal yet mechanistic, a clattering apparatus of dread and alienation that remains surprisingly melodic and eerily human.

The Drain will be released March 4 via Profound Lore.


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