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Stream Small Brown Bike's B-Sides and rarities collection, Recollected

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In its nearly 20-year existence, Michigan's Small Brown Bike has endured line-up changes, a lengthy break-up, and a notable stylistic growth from breakdown-fueled hardcore to nuanced, indie-leaning post-hardcore. The band only released four full-lengths during that time, but it was consistently offering up EPs, splits, and appearing on compilations, many of which have fallen out-of-print. In an attempt to ensure that this chunk of the band's discography not end up lost to the annals of time, band member Travis Dopp's label Old Point Light is releasing Recollected.

The 24-song collection compiles the bands earliest releases, cover songs, and a smattering of other rarities that shows the band in its various iterations. Recollected serves both as an opportunity to hear demo versions of future fan favorites and Bike-ified versions of classic songs by The Smiths and Thin Lizzy without having to hunt down obscure compilations from now-defunct labels. 

For those looking to re-acquaint themselves with the band, or dip their toe in for the first time, we've got a full stream of the newly released Recollected below.


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