The Weaks are no strangers to poking fun at other bands. Their debut EP The World Is A Terrible Place & I Hate Myself And Want To Do lifted the name of a Connecticut emo revival act and twisted it until it dripped with despair. On April 7 Lame-O Records will release The Weaks’ debut full-length, Bad Year, and this time the band has its sights set on a far more influential band: Nirvana. The A.V. Club is premiering “Nevermind,” the album’s first single, and one of two tracks—along with “Frances Quinlan Will Have Her Revenge On Philadelphia”—that nod in the direction of the storied grunge trio. All jokes aside, The Weaks make the most of that early-’90s spirit, as “Nevermind” carves hooks out of overdriven chords in a manner reminiscent of Weezer’s Blue Album heyday.

Both physical and digital pre-orders for Bad Year are available now through Lame-O Records.