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Stream Middle Children’s debut Earth Angel ahead of its release next week

Middle Children

Though it’s not been entirely quiet, Bloomington, Indiana’s once fertile punk scene has quieted down a bit. Many of the scene’s staples have broken up or are long dormant, giving some of Bloomington’s staples a chance to explore new avenues. That’s the case with Middle Children, the new band from Patrick Jennings (Hot New Mexicans, Purple 7) and Ginger Alford (Good Luck, One Reason). On March 3, Lets Pretend Records will release the band’s new record Earth Angel, and The A.V. Club is streaming all of it below.

While it’s easy to see the sounds of the members’ past projects shining through, Middle Children often end up sounding like a leaner Wilco. The songs are short and punchy, but they’ve got the slightest twinge of alt-country running beneath them. On songs like “True,” the band takes a simple arrangement and adds something new every few measures, like a forlorn piano line that allows Jennings’ voice to play off the new sounds entering the space.


Pre-orders for Earth Angel are available now through Let’s Pretend Records.

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