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Earlier this month, Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi tweeted about a live stream of the band’s new record—performed in full at a Brooklyn concert—going up online, with no further details on its actual release. But now the official announcement is here: Cloud Nothings’ fourth album, Here And Nowhere Else, is out April 1 on Carpark/Mom+Pop, and the first new track, “I’m Not Part Of Me,” is no available to stream via SoundCloud. The band recorded in Hoboken, New Jersey with John Congleton, and Baldi has framed the attitude on the album as “more positive and less ‘fuck everything.’” Still, “I’m Not Part Of Me” hints at the raw sounds of his earlier recordings spent playing every instrument, while hurtling from hook to hook in its four-and-a-half minutes. The full track list for Here And Nowhere Else is below.


Here And Nowhere Else track list:
01 Now Hear In
02 Quieter Today
03 Psychic Trauma
04 Just See Fear
05 Giving Into Seeing
06 No Thoughts
07 Pattern Walks
08 I'm Not Part of Me

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