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Stream Dreamdecay’s new record of psych-indebted post-punk, YÚ

YÚ album cover
YÚ album cover

Dreamdecay’s second record is a personal one. The band describes the record as such: “ symbolizes the experience of being stuck between two cultures, struggling to find a sense of legitimacy. It navigates this space and the tension of being pulled in opposite directions–the binary of life.” And while that all sounds pretty heady, it’s also what makes the record work. The A.V. Club is streaming all of ahead of its release this Friday on Iron Lung Records, and the album serves as a demarcation point for the band. While Dreamdecay has always dealt in icy post-punk, skews toward psych, with songs like “Bass Jam” devolving into a swirl of guitars against a steady kraut-rock beat. Yet, for all its abstractions, the band remains tethered to hardcore, able to charge through passages without ever losing steam.


Pre-orders for are available through Iron Lung Records.


Dreamdecay tour dates

3/1—Black Lodge—Seattle, WA
3/2—Reed College—Portland, OR
3/3—Holland Project—Reno, NV
3/4—The Parkside—San Francisco, CA
3/5—Trash House—San Jose, CA
3/6—Griffin—Los Angeles, CA
3/7—Che Cafe—San Diego, CA
3/8—5 Star Bar—Los Angeles, CA
3/9—1234 Go—Oakland, CA
4/7-4/9—What We Like: Iron Lung Records 10 Year Anniversary—Seattle, WA
4/10—Alphaville—New York City, NY
4/11—Secret Location (email Justgallego@gmail.com for specifics)—Boston, MA
4/12—Cold Spring Hollow—Amherst, MA
4/13—The Storefront—Philadelphia, PA
4/14—TBA—Pittsburgh, PA
4/15—Faith Void—Toronto, Canada
4/16—WCBN—Ann Arbor, MI
4/17—Margaritaville—Chicago, IL
4/18—Now That’s Class—Cleveland, OH


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