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Stream Dowsing’s third album, which is more than just Okay

When Dowsing announced its third record—and first for Asian Man Records—it was with a video that openly marveled at the fact the Chicago band was able to make a third record. After the release of its second album, Dowsing’s membership changed almost entirely, leaving vocalist-guitarist Erik Czaja to start from scratch. The result of Czaja’s effort to rebuild Dowsing is Okay—which will be released on April 29—and sees the new lineup crystallize around his simple, affecting compositions. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Okay below, which sees Dowsing rise from the brink of death to make its best record yet. Gone are the subtle emo trappings of the band’s past: Okay favors power-pop that isn’t afraid to get a little loud, and Dowsing is all the better for it.

Pre-orders for Okay are available through both Asian Man Records and Dog Knight Records.


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