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Meat Wave (Photo: Katie Hovland)

Meat Wave’s name is often a sticking point when discussing the band. Taken from a headline from our sister publication, its name may not be truly satirical, but its upcoming album, Delusion Moon, showcases the trio’s snarling viewpoints on the modern world. On September 18, Side One Dummy Records will release the band’s sophomore album, but The A.V. Club is streaming it in full a week ahead of the album’s release. Delusion Moon sees the band’s acerbic post-hardcore taken to the next level, as razor-sharp riffs cut through the rhythm section’s propulsive backbeats, showing why all those comparisons to Hot Snakes are so apt. This sets the stage for vocalist-guitarist Chris Sutter to make each song a tiny vignette of a world stricken by moon sickness. It allows Meat Wave to use online dating (“Network”), right-wing punditry (“NRA, “The Gay Contempt”), and the supernatural (“Witchcraft”) as fodder for its subversive social critiques. As Sutter puts it:

“Madness, destruction, death, life, conflict, humanity, confusion & delusion. Joe began recording this almost two years ago in our practice space and his apartment. We are so fucking ecstatic and exhausted and thankful that every one can now listen to it. Turn ‘er up!”


Delusion Moon is available for pre-order in Side One Dummy’s store. This weekend, the band will play Chicago’s iteration of Riot Fest, and on September 26, it’ll perform in-store at Saki.

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