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Stream Delayer, the debut album from post-rock act RLYR

RLYR (Photo: Mark Dawursk)

Given the pedigree of its membership, it’s no surprise that RLYR’s debut album is a full-length album comprised of just four songs. Featuring Pelican’s Trevor Shelley de Brauw, Locrian’s Steven Hess, and Bloodiest’s Colin DeKuiper, the trio are more than adept at making moody, sprawling metal songs. With Delayer—coming this Friday on Magic Bullet—the trio makes something that feels in line with their collective histories, dabbling with a handful of new sounds in the process. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Delayer below, which sees the trio dart in dozens of different directions across the album’s four songs. Of them, “Descent Of The Night Bison” may be the most ambitious, as it goes from an ambient drone into riffs that find the middle ground between shimmering indie-rock and driving post-metal. It’s a 23-minute instrumental epic that proves RLYR isn’t content to stay the course, it’s forging its own path instead.

Pre-orders for Delayer are available now through Magic Bullet.


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