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Stream Dave Hause’s upcoming third album, Bury Me In Philly

Dave Hause (Photo: Jesse DeFlorio)

Dave Hause is one of punk’s best utility players. Whether he’s spending time in Paint It Black, fronting The Loved Ones, or joining punk supergroup The Falcon, he fits in effortlessly, playing everything from throat-grabbing hardcore to straight-up pop songs. Over the years, Hause has released a pair of solo country-ish, records and he has a whole slew of splits and EPs to his name. But for his upcoming third album, you can see a little bit of his assorted projects shining through. The A.V. Club is streaming all of the album below, ahead of its release on Rise Records this Friday. Opening with the rollicking “With You,” Hause takes his punk past and adapts it to his Americana-laden present, something he does time and again throughout Bury Me In Philly.

Pre-orders for Bury Me In Philly are available now through Rise Records.

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