When Shudder To Think hit the musical skids in 1998, Craig Wedren headed out on his own, working with acts like The Verve Pipe and Cex, and writing film scores and theme songs for various projects that the cast members of The State were involved in, like Reno 911!, Stella, and Wet Hot American Summer. In 2004, Wedren formed a glam disco band, Baby, and released a self-titled record on his own Nerveland Recordings label. Seven years later, Baby has now been reissued with bonus content, sparked in part by the inclusion of one of its tracks, “Get Your Body,” on the Wanderlust soundtrack.

The A.V. Club is pleased to have the exclusive stream of a mixtape inspired by Baby, featuring some unreleased songs and a few bitching covers, including Wedren’s glitchy take on The Beatles’ “Taxman.”