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Stream Barfly, the new album by the pioneering punk-rock band Rocket From The Tombs

Any band that has played punk or indie-rock over the past few decades has—directly or indirectly—owed a debt to Rocket From The Tombs. The legendary Cleveland band only managed to hold itself together from 1974 to ’75. But during that time, it forged a handful of songs that RFTT’s main offshoots, the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu, adopted and wielded to influence untold thousands. But RFTT never released an album of its own—until now. Barfly, the group’s official full-length debut of new material, comes out next week via Fire Records. And it’s a pretty damn formidable thunderstorm of proto-punk poetry and contorted, art-garage anthems. On board are three original members—singer David Thomas (of Pere Ubu), guitarist Cheetah Chrome (of the Dead Boys), and bassist Craig Bell—as well as Pere Ubu drummer Steve Mehlman and a legend in his own right, Television’s Richard Lloyd, on second guitar. Below is a full-album stream of Barfly; look for our review next week.


Rocket From The Tombs - Barfly by TheAVClub

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