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Stream all of Prawn’s new album, Kingfisher

Since the release of its debut album in 2012, New Jersey’s Prawn has been skirting the line of what can rightly be labeled emo. At a time when nearly every band with even a hint of such an influence gets lumped into the sub-genre, Prawn has been able keep itself removed from any of the obvious descriptors through its ability to incorporate the most succinct elements into its sound. On August 12 Topshelf Records will release the band’s sophomore album—which is streaming in full below—and it’s an effort that sees Prawn continue to toe the line between what’s emo and what isn’t. Guitarists Tony Clark and Kyle Burns synthesize their ambient riffs into digestible chunks as they allow raucous sing-alongs to be formed from their otherwise grandiose creations, all the while making subtle nods to Death Cab For Cutie’s most aggressive moments.


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