In 1982, Dischord Records released The Faith/Void, a split album featuring two of Washington D.C.’s best hardcore bands. The album was an early example of a practice that would become increasingly common in punk, hardcore, and countless sub-genres in the years that followed, as bands gleefully paired off, releasing split albums and EPs with fervor. In a similarly collaborative way, two labels—Dirt Cult and Dead Broke Rekerds—have teamed up to release a split 7-inch between Iron Chic and Low Culture. Though the EP follows in the grand tradition of The Faith/Void, both Iron Chic and Low Culture offer poppier takes on on the punk template. Below, The A.V. Club is streaming the split—which features two new songs from each band—in full. Iron Chic offers up its gruff sing-alongs and Low Culture proves there’s still plenty of influence to be found the Ramones’ bubblegum hooks. Copies of the split 7-inch can be found via both Dirt Cult and Dead Broke’s respective stores, with each label offering an exclusive color of the vinyl release.