Sam Peckinpah's 1971 film Straw Dogs, the brutal story of an egghead terrorized by drooling locals in rural England, has a remake in the works and a cast attached to star in it. If you're thinking that doesn't make a lot of sense, you could be on to something. The original inspired Pauline Kael to call it "the first American film that is a fascist work of art," and while that might be overstating it, it is a queasy-making film that's hard to imagine surviving a Hollywood remake with all its parts intact.

That said, it looks like it's happening. And it looks like Rod Lurie, a writer/director whose work as evolved from hysterically awful (Deterrence) to watchably melodramatic (The Contender) will be directing it. Stepping in for Dustin Hoffman: James Marsden, whose character has been changed from mathematician to screenwriter. Stepping in for Susan George: Kate Bosworth. And stepping in for rural England?: Mississippi.

While we wait, here's the original trailer: