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Strap in and stream all of Vincent D’Onofrio’s new spoken word punk LP

Late last year, The A.V. Club premiered the first track from Vincent D’Onofrio and Dana Lyn’s new spoken word punk project. “I’m A Hamster” was as weird as both the song’s title and the project’s concept would suggest, with eccentric vocalizations from the longtime actor laid over Lyn’s string manipulations.

Now, we’ve got the whole album for your experimental pleasure. Slim Bone Head Volt is out March 3 on Buddhabug Records, and the duo will play a record release show this Sunday, March 1 at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Slim Bone Head Volt is, according to a press release, a way for “the actor and the musician gathered here [to] laugh, nay, spit! in the face of simpletons looking to hang their hats on something easy.” Strap in and enjoy.


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