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Stranger Things’ Steve is Ferris Bueller in an elaborate new Domino’s ad

Joe Keery (Screenshot: Home For Pizza)

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Steve from Stranger Things reenact Ferris Bueller’s Day Off while shilling for Domino’s Pizza, then boy oh boy, is today your lucky day. Chicago actor/Ben Schwartz lookalike Joe Keery is the new face of an elaborate Domino’s campaign that brings a little Ferris Bueller spirit to its pizza ads. And original Ferris Bueller star Alan Ruck is even on hand to lend some authenticity to the whole thing, too. The most elaborate of the commercials reenacts the “race home” scene from the movie in great detail, right down to filming in front of the same house used in the original movie.

The commercial also recreates all the various backyard landscapes Ferris passes through on his way home. Strangely, however, the ad misses perhaps Ferris’ most iconic costume piece, his colorful sweater vest. Alan Ruck, at least, is decked out in Cameron’s Red Wings hockey jersey when he pops up as the driver Ferris passes on the street (his father in the movie). Here’s the original scene for comparison:

Keery also pops up in a shorter spot as well, which reenacts Ferris Bueller’s opening monologue:

All in all, Keery is a credible 21st-century Ferris, bringing with him both the smirking demeanor and impressively luxurious hair he previously brought to ’80s bad boy Steve. For more on how Domino’s has reinvented the delivery pizza game with its cheeky advertising sensibility, check out the story behind its “We’re sorry for sucking” campaign.


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