The music video for "LA Devotee"

Young actor Noah Schnapp—a.k.a. Stranger Things’ vanished Will Byers—seems to be picking up a reputation as a go-to kid for getting snatched by people or creatures with ill-intent. Pop rockers Panic! At The Disco released a new video yesterday starring Schnapp, as he receives all sorts of eldritch tortures at the hands of an “LA Devotee.”

Featuring a lot of big-eyed panic, and a leering performance from frontman Brendon Urie, the video sees Schnapp subjected to even shabbier treatment than he got in the Upside-Down, as a cadre of hooded figures prepare him for some sort of black magic ritual. Meanwhile, the song—off the band’s January release, Death Of A Bachelor—pulses along underneath, indifferent to the kid’s suffering.


Schnapp is expected to return for Stranger Things season two; meanwhile, he recently completed filming on the family drama We Only Know So Much, where someone hopefully gave the poor kid a break, for once.