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Stranger Things executive producer offers details on seasons 2 and 3

(Photo: Netflix)

We won’t get to see what’s going on in season two of Netflix’s Stranger Things until October, but executive producer Shawn Levy kindly sat down with Mashable recently to offer some little details about the future of the series. Nothing he said is going to blow your mind like in that scene where Eleven killed those guys in season one, but with so many months to go before the show returns, any snippets of information we can get are probably worth paying attention to.

As for what those snippets are, the biggest point that Levy wanted to convey seems to be that season two will put a much larger spotlight on Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers, the kid whose disappearance drove most of the plot last time around. Apparently, Schnapp was cast because the team making the show knew he was “special” and that they’d be able to make full use of his acting talent if the show were to get a second season. Now that they’re making that second season, Levy says Schnapp has stepped up “in the most staggering way.” In fact, Levy says he’ll send frequent texts to series creators the Duffer Brothers just to say “holy shit, Noah is crushing it.”


The other interesting tease that Levy offered is that the Duffer Brothers had “too much story” to tell in season two’s nine episodes, so it forced them to only stick with their best ideas. However, the story beats that didn’t fit aren’t simply being abandoned, as Levy says that they’ll “go in the back of our head for, hopefully, future chapters.” Netflix hasn’t given Stranger Things a third season yet, but based on Levy’s comments, the Duffers already have ideas for where that season will go.

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