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Rebecca Thoms (Photo: AFP/Stringer via Getty images)

As announced in The Hollywood Reporter, Rebecca Thomas, one of only three directors whose last name isn’t “Duffer” to have helmed an episode of Stranger Things, will take on a big-screen adaptation of the BOOM! Studios graphic novel Malignant Man. A sci-fi thriller about a man whose tumor turns out to be an alien parasite that grants him otherworldly powers, the book was co-written by James Wan, the director and creator of Saw whose since moved on to lead The Conjuring, Furious 7, and the upcoming Aquaman movie. Wan, along with BOOM! bosses Ross Richie and Stephen Christy, are producing the movie, which will be titled simply Malignant, for 20th Century Fox.

Thomas’ Stranger Things episode is set to debut in October of as part of season two. She made her feature debut with Electrick Children, a 2012 indie drama about a Mormon teenager who thinks she’s been subject to an immaculate conception after listening to a cassette tape. She’s also currently attached to Universal’s live-action Little Mermaid movie—not to be confused with Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid, co-written by Lin-Manuel Miranda—where she replaced Sofia Coppola. Thomas is taking over Malignant from former director Brad Peyton, who left the project to film Rampage, the video game adaptation starring The Rock and a bunch of giant monsters.


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