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Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton might play Cannonball in New Mutants

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With all the comic book adaptations swirling around on the big and small screens, it’s important for directors to distinguish their projects from all the rest. Just as Logan often had the look and feel of a Western, New Mutants helmer Josh Boone has described his X-Men spin-off as a “full-fledged horror movie,” because growing up is just awful sometimes. Boone was inspired by Bill Sienkiewicz’s multi-year run as an artist for the comic series, which the director describes as “Stephen King meets John Hughes.”

Fittingly enough for this next angsty but terrifying chapter in the X-Men movie saga, Fox is reportedly trying to bring in a Stranger Things alum. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Charlie Heaton is in talks to play Sam Guthrie a.k.a Cannonball in the film. Heaton’s already proven himself well suited to the outsider role with his portrayal of Jonthan Byers in the Netflix hit series, but if everything works out, he’ll have to embody one of the founders of the New Mutants. And you know, sell audiences on playing a guy who flies around in a force field, like some kind of meteor (or, you know, cannonball).


Created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, the comic book character has had multiple affiliations, including X-Force and, later, the X-Men. But he leads the New Mutants with Dani Moonstar, who has yet to be cast. If all goes well, Heaton will join a team that already includes Alexandra Shipp, who’s reprising her role as Storm; Maisie Williams; and The Witchs Anya Taylor Joy. There’s also a rumor that Henry Zaga of13 Reasons Why will play Cannonball’s friend and teammate, Sunspot. And of course, Rosario Dawson will reportedly show up in this Marvel adaptation, as she is wont to do.

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