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Stranger Things adds a cool girl, a muscular guy, and someone “seeking vengeance”

Stranger Things

Netflix’s Stranger Things finally got an official season two renewal yesterday, and now we’re already hearing some more information about the new characters who will be stopping by the suspiciously spooky town of Hawkins, Indiana when the show comes back next year. According to TVLine, the original Stranger Things crew will be joined by at least three new characters, specifically a rad-sounding 12-14-year-old girl named Max who is “tough and confident” and whose “appearance, behavior, and pursuits seem more typical of boys than of girls in this era” (that’s the fall of 1984, to be specific). Also, just to further underline the fact that Max is supposed to be a lot cooler than the kids we met in season one, TVLine notes that she rides a skateboard instead of a bicycle.

Max will also apparently have an older brother, but it sounds like he thinks he’s a lot cooler than he really is. TVLine says he’ll be a “very muscular and hyper-confident” guy named Billy who drives a Camaro, which is typically shorthand for “he’s a jackass.” Finally, there’ll be a “thirtysomething gender-neutral” character named Roman who “suffered a great loss at an early age and has been seeking revenge ever since.”


There’s still no official word on if Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven will be returning (even though she probably will), but at least she’s got some other marketable skills she could fall back on if Stranger Things doesn’t bring her back.

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