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Strange Wilds pull a grungy wad of punk out of their “Pocket”

Noise comes in all shapes and sizes, but there’s something particularly prickly about “Pocket.” The song—which is being debuted here—appears on Wet, the four-song debut by the Olympia-based band Strange Wilds. It makes sense that this caliber of fractured racket was incubated in Washington; shades of Nirvana’s fucked-up punk side can be heard on the track’s throat-scorching vocals and gluey riffs, along with a smear of snarled, ’80s hardcore. In little over two minutes, an overflowing Dumpster’s worth of filthy distortion and festering belligerence come pouring out of Strange Wild’s clearly disturbed and/or shitfaced members. Either way, “Pocket” is full of rotten goodness.

Wet will be released June 2 via Inimical Records.


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