Hat tip to Pitchfork, which today is buzzing with news of unexpected musical alliances. Let's break it down:

• Shins frontman James Mercer has teamed up with Danger Mouse to form a new band that may or may not be called Broken Bells. Is this a solo project produced by Danger Mouse and doomed only to record one album? Per Pitchfork, "Mercer and the Mouse are apparently in it for the long haul and already have plans extending past their first album."

• Okay, that's strange. But is it as strange as Thom Yorke forming a band with Flea? Or, more accurately, recruiting Flea into a veritable supergroup assembled to play Yorke's solo material. Also on board: Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker.


• Finally, look for Lil Wayne on Weezer's new album. He'll be guesting on a song called, "Can't Stop Partying." But of course.