People don’t often acknowledge the fact that Brian De Palma’s Scarface from 1983 was a remake of a 1932 film of the same name, but that’s because De Palma’s version featured Al Pacino snorting a mountain of cocaine, shooting a machine gun at people, and saying “motherfucker” a lot. Basically, it crafted its own, separate legacy with that mountain of cocaine. Now, Universal is remaking Scarface (again), and we assume this new one will be so iconic that it will replace the last Scarface remake as everyone’s favorite Scarface remake.

To make sure that happens, Universal has hired Straight Outta Compton writer Jonathan Herman to rewrite the script (via The Hollywood Reporter). He’ll be replacing Training Day’s David Ayer, who wrote one of the previous drafts. This Scarface is said to be “a new and original take on the immigrant story,” so it might not be an exact recreation of the Al Pacino movie, but people will be pretty disappointed if the new Scarface doesn’t snort any mountains of cocaine or introduce anybody to his little friend. Knowing Hollywood, the movie will probably get cute with it and reference those famous scenes without directly doing them again. Like, maybe the new Scarface will say, “It’s not like I’m going to snort a mountain of cocaine! Now, say hello to my little friend.” and then he’ll introduce an actual little friend that he has.