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Stormtroopers get their drink on in this whiskey-soaked Instagram account

Scotch Trooper's Instagram

What does a freelance photographer do with some bottles of whiskey, a few poseable Stormtrooper action figures, and a healthy dose of free time? Well, under the pseudonym Scotch Trooper, an enterprising shutterbug named Brett decided to use those bottles and those figures to create amusing alcohol-themed Star Wars vignettes at his ludicrously entertaining Instagram account. On some level, the combination of Stormtroopers and whiskey makes intuitive sense. Being a ’trooper is a stressful, high-risk job. Their lives are expendable, their marksmanship training is spotty at best, and their bosses are always, always dicks. That kind of workplace environment could drive anyone to drink. But there’s a twist here. The bottles are normal sized, but the ’troopers are toys. So Scotch Trooper’s photos take place in some kind of Borrowers/Gulliver’s Travels-type world in which the tiny white-armored soldiers struggle valiantly with giant whiskey bottles. Like so:


And so:

Scotch Trooper’s Instagram

Somehow or another, the diligent Stormtroopers do get the bottles opened and the contents poured into glasses that must, to them, be the size of a small Jacuzzi.

The photographer behind the account discusses his methods in an article by Mashable’s Ryan Creamer. Not surprisingly, the Instagram page is the work of a now-grown artist who first came to love all things Star Wars as a child, after watching Return Of The Jedi at the age of 10. The Stormtrooper photos are a way of “having fun combining the things that I love.” This is a man who takes as much nerdy pleasure in his whiskey as he does in his sci-fi films. He even has a list of his top three favorite distilleries. For the record: “Balvenie, Laphroaig and Highland Park.”


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