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Screenshot: Spider-Man (YouTube)

By now, everyone’s heard about the Spider-Man custody battle between Sony and Disney. It’s been a tough 24 hours of confusion and frustration, but it’s starting to look like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man won’t be swinging around Marvel studios any longer. And while Deadline reported the current iteration of Spider-Man, expertly played by Tom Holland, has two more movies left with Sony, there’s no telling what the studio will do with these film rights down the line. There is one question on everybody’s mind, though: Are we going to have to deal with Uncle Ben fucking dying again?

Since the MCU’s Spider-Man introduction and first movie already established Peter Parker and Aunt May as a family unit, with no sign of Uncle Ben besides his initials on Peter’s luggage, fans didn’t have to see Peter grieve over his shot uncle or hear the whole “With great responsibility...” line. Sony has had two shots before to make Spider-Man movies and both times saw a rehashing of that exact scenario. Now, many are taking to Twitter to poke fun at Uncle Ben and his impending third death.


If Ben Parker were alive today, he’d be gearing up to head back to the grave because, again, it’s been proven that Sony is a sucker for this part of Peter’s origin story.


Maybe Sony will take some notes and try other routes when it comes to more Spidey films, but in the meantime, Uncle Ben’s fate seems doomed to repeat itself on the big screen. RIP Ben, it was a short run, yet again.

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