Every one in a while we get a press release or pitch that demands to be repeated verbatim. That's what Stop The Presses! is for. Here's the latest:

Hi Nathan

AHAVA Spokesperson and Sex and the City Star Kristin Davis was spotted yesterday at Lord & Taylor in New York City to accept a donation on behalf of her charity, Maasai – a Wilderness Conservation Trust, that supports the preservation of biodiversity in East Africa, as well as to promote AHAVA’s mineral based skincare brand from the Dead Sea.


Please let me know if you’d like any details on Kristin’s favorite products samples or hi-res jpegs of any of the images below.



Tragically, the AV Club does not yet know the identity of Kristin's favorite product samples but we wanted to get this news out to you guys before we're scooped by the competition. We don't want to get cocky or anything but if we score a few more lid-blowers of this magnitude our esteemed colleagues over at Onion News Network might not be the only members of the Onion family with a Peabody.