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Viewers must wait something like 215 days until the next episode of Game Of Thrones, but here's something to kind of tide them over. Spin VFX, the company responsible for some of season three's visual effects, just released a video breaking down some of the show's most epic scenes. It's super neat, while also serving as a reminder to viewers that it's all just pretend. The Unsullied Army is really just a bunch of little men inside of a computer, and those wolves were totally on leashes. Spin's biggest feat, though, was definitely The Wall, whose creation is detailed on the company's site:

"Jon Snow, Ygritte, and the Wildlings climb the Wall, triggering a devastating ice slide. Comprised of over 80 shots, Spin created a 700′ ft wall, a couple miles in length (real world scale) that would hold up from any distance and any angle. Spin then simulated the entire ice slide event, shooting it from all cameras set up in the sequence that created a sense of scale and continuity over the sequence, playing out the action in real time."


As a bonus, it's all set to Florence & The Machine's "Seven Devils." [via Laughing Squid]

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