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Illustration for article titled Stop motion video shows what John Carpenter’s iFrozen/i would look like

There have been many Frozen parodies, mash-ups, and other Internet exercises ever since the Disney film became phenomenon. Most center around reworking the film’s catchy tunes or repositioning the film in some darker light. Few, however, feature horrific bodily mutations and buckets of (clay) blood.


Lee Hardcastle has broken through hearts made cold by the bombardment of Frozen parodies by doing an incredible job of using stop motion claymation to juxtapose the Disney hit with John Carpenter’s The Thing. Specifically, Hardcastle has taken all of the characters from the kid blockbuster and put them into the blood-testing scene from Carpenter’s suspenseful masterpiece, complete with dialogue directly from the 1982 film. It’s a well-made piece that is impressive for its attention to detail of the original scene, the effects it’s able to replicate using clay, and the opportunity to watch beloved children’s characters be ripped to bloody pieces while also cursing.

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